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Our Farm is in the heart of Texas; close to the small town of Blanket, 12 miles Northeast of Brownwood off of HWY 377.  We are located on the Northern edge of the hill country. We have a very high deer population with plenty of coyote, bobcats, and an occasional mountain lion. This is why our Anatolian Shepherds are essential.

We run 200 head of commercial white dorper ewes.  Most of our ewes have a little Royal White in them.  This cross makes for a very resilient sheep.  The Royal White in them makes for good shedders and parasite resistance.  Our stud rams are always registered White Dorpers.

For predator control we use Anatolian Shepherds; these dogs are unmatched when it comes to livestock guardians.  We could not raise sheep without them.

Our dogs are raised with sheep from the time they open their eyes.
From the time they are born, they are with sheep in a 50 yard by 50 yard training pen.  They stay here until sold or when they are 6 to 8 months old they are turned out with the herd.

Our Anatolian Shepherds sell with registration papers for breeders
or without papers for anyone who wants the very best livestock guardian possible. Genetics second to none.

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