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Management & Health

Our herd is grazed on pasture.  The only time we feed hay is during a dry winter.  With rainfall the sheep graze on wild winter rye and clover during the winter.  Throughout the rest of the year they eat just about anything; they are nonselective grazers.  Our ewes are not fed grain; they know how to take care of themselves.

We believe in maintaining a healthy flock; one way we do this is by keeping a closed flock.  The rams are the only new sheep ever brought onto our farm.

We give our ewes C,D & T vaccinations once a year; we give our lambs vaccinations at 30 days and 60 days. We FAMACHA check our sheep; no ewe is wormed unless she is anemic.  Our flock has very good resistance to worms; we have ewes that are 5 years old and have never been wormed.  

We provide sheep mineral in mineral feeders 365 days a year.

We usually lamb twice a year with different ewes.  All lambing is done in the pasture; they are very good mothers. Fall lambing is in September and October; spring lambing is in March and April.

This is one of our mineral feeders.

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